"Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart."

Joe Chernov

There are a lot of ways to tackle your marketing. You’ve probably thought about how to approach your marketing only to find youeself lost in the complex strategies behind marketing channels such as funnels, digital ads and drip campaigns. We know it’s dizzying. Every business wants to identity what kind of team will give you then best results for the best price. And that can be just as difficult as trying to understand marketing channels.

You are not facing these struggles alone. The good folks over at Campaign Monitor recently surveyed over 1,000 participants in a small business marketing survey. Those survey covered various industries—from agriculture and education to construction and the arts and ll of the participants work in small businesses, which we qualified as 1-100 employees.

The troubles of going at it alone

Of the businesses surveyed, only 7% were hiring dedicated outside agencies and freelancers while the rest are left to figure it out for themselves or staff their own marketing departments. By taking marketing on themselves, these businesses spend a lot more time energy and money with varying results. Below are what the surveyed businesses revealed as their biggest marketing challenges when taking on their own marketing

5 Biggest Marketing Challenges:

  1. Customer Acquisition
  2. Increasing Prospects/Leads
  3. Increasing Web Traffic
  4. Increasing Social Media
  5. Increasing Conversions

Most difficult to use channels

Those surveyed also ranked what channels found the most difficult to use.

  1. Digital Paid Media Marketing
  2. SEO Marketing
  3. Influencer Marketing

Interesting enough, these three channels that businesses find the most difficult to use are the some of the most useful paths to solving what they’ve identified as their biggest marketing challenges. With 78% of the the respondents reporting that they would be increasing their spending on digital marketing, social media marketing and email marketing in the next year. it’s easy to see these challenges are something businesses are willing to overcome especially when tackling these complex marketing tactics.

It’s easy to see these challenges are something businesses are willing to spend money on. They are hurdles they must overcome to prepare for the future. Yet, it’s clear to see that these complex marketing channels and tactics may require help.

Do you think it's worthwile to increase spending with varying results or would it be worth hiring an experienced marketer?

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